IKO Goju-Ryu Japanese Karate-do taught by fully accredited teachers who are current students of Japanese Master’s for over 35 years and were both recently graded to "Kyoshi Shihan" 8th Dan and "Renshi Shihan" 6th Dan. Both instructors have thorough understanding of most Martial arts and along with their knowledge and experience allow students to learn and comprehend all facets including MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Brazilian & Japanese Jiu Jitsu (Ground fighting / grappling). Both are current “MAIA” Martial Arts Industry Association - Level 1 Accredited Martial Arts Instructor, Australia’s Peak Industry Body for Martial Arts in Australia.

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Credibility and respect

When you research Goju-Ryu Karate it doesn’t take you long to understand the lineage of this premier Japanese Karate style. In the 1950’s and 60’s the great Hanshi Gogen Yamaguchi (The Cat) was without peer, truly one of the most respected Karate Sensei’s (teacher) in the world.

It is globally recognised that Gonnohyoue Yamamoto was one of Yamaguchi Sensei most senior student's and his "Jiyu Kumite" free fighting skills were truly legendary and along with Hisatada Yabe they have both devoted the past 60 years to Goju-Ryu Karate practice and we are extremely fortunate to have them as the Chief Executive Master and Chairman Executive Master of the IKO association. In 1967 Yamamoto Sensei along with many senior Master's (Shihan) joined him in creating the IKO (International Karate Organisation) spanning many countries across the world and which calls its headquarters IKO “Honbu Dojo” in the suburb of Ueno in central Tokyo, Japan. Please allow us to introduce these IKO Karate teachers (Sensei) so as you can appreciate their skill sets and qualifications. Both students of the IKO have "ONLY" been graded by Yamamoto So-Shihan of the IKO over the past 40 years.

Wayne Bridge. Kyoshi Shihan 8th Dan commenced with the IKO in 1970 in Sydney and was a student of Shihan Kon Hardas 5th Dan

(1975) Wayne achieved 1st Dan Black belt. 

(1976) Wayne travelled to Tokyo, Japan for the IKO “Uchi Deshi” program (live in 6 month training student). On completion of this 6 month gruelling training regime Wayne was promoted to Sensei 2nd Dan.

(2014) Wayne was promoted to 8th Dan Kyoshi Shihan and it’s very unusual for students to be graded by the same Senior Master (Hanshi Yamamoto) for over 35 years and this has confirmed Wayne’s diligence and commitment to the IKO.

Wayne has also trained with many of Australia’s leading Martial artists including Sifu Chan Chuk Fai and his most senior student Sifu Mick Spinks for over 30 years. This has allowed Wayne to fight Full-contact in Hong Kong and also train some of Australia’s leading past national and International champions. Wayne has been a student of BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) for the past 14 years and brings these learned skills to IKO Goju-Ryu Karate. In approx. 1977, Wayne explored the art of boxing and was personally instructed by an ex. professional boxer Jim Withers (fighting at the time under the name of 'Jimmy Brown' of the Tony Mundine era) for more than 6 years. He was a dedicated and well respected boxer in his prime, and a devastating power puncher. Jim was interested with the kickboxing style and educated Wayne in the 'old school' ways of his technique and fitness.

This contributed greatly to Wayne’s fitness and fighting style for full contact competition, which he was involved with over the years. The training was held at Jim’s house in his large garage area. Also a group of dedicated 'fitness freaks' with a mix of professional boxers, hard doormen and 'Garbo's'. It was a rigorous training routine, varying from long distance running, combining explosive interval exercise; to hard sprint work, then race madly back to his place for pad work and more rounds of technique. Wayne introduced his long-time friend and training partner, (over many years) Mick Spinks, to the ‘crew’ out at La Perouse in Sydney. Mick was beginning to gain momentum in his upcoming fighting career, and saw the added value of boxing and fitness training.

Training of this type was hard though enjoyable and continued for about five years. It was a very valued time of learning 'real boxing' from a seasoned professional. Jim still trains today, and has trained and managed his sons with success into the boxing arena. In 1993 Wayne (with his then partner) had the opportunity to open, and eventually became the sole owners of Pacific Gym. At the time one of the biggest and most well equipped prestigious fitness centres in the Sydney area. From concept to opening, they had designed, created and implemented all systems, from administration to O.H. &.S. Together they successfully operated and managed the centre and all staff and a 3,000 membership base in its prime. All levels of fitness including being one of the first gyms to introduce boxing fitness and yoga classes. The boxing was conducted by Wayne himself. Pacific Gym was sold in 2005. This experience gave Wayne a broad knowledge of fitness and cross-training in addition to his martial arts and boxing training. Wayne now free-lances and is open for 'one-on-one' or grouped sessions, or can be booked for specialised seminars drawn from his broad experience of his varied journey.

Peter McGuire 6th Dan Renshi Shihan, commenced as a student of Martial arts in 1973 as a 13 year old during the height of the Bruce Lee boom that swept the world. Peter practiced numerous styles including Chito Ryu Karate, Kung Fu & Wado Ryu Karate. Peter’s family relocated to Coogee and he joined Shihan Wayne Bridge in 1978 at his Coogee Dojo. Peter was graded by Wayne Bridge Shihan for his Shodan - 1st Dan and each subsequent grading exam has been conducted by Yamamoto So-Shihan in Tokyo and Sydney over the past 30 years.

(1981) Peter achieved his 1st Dan Black belt.

(1983) Peter was promoted to 2nd Dan by Hanshi Yamamoto on his visit to Sydney.

(2014) Peter was promoted to 6th Dan Renshi Shihan by Hanshi Yamamoto on his visit to Sydney.

Peter has also practiced other Martial arts styles over the past 30 years, so as to enhance his traditional Karate striking skills, including 1 on 1 with Thai boxing master trainer “Khru” Denis Giakoumolos for more than 12 years and is currently studying Tenjin Jiu Jitsu. Both Wayne and Peter have worked as "private security" through their association and training with Zen Do Kai (Bob Jones - Goju Ryu) in the early to mid-1980’s and this has allowed them to work with some of the world's "biggest acts" including Bruce Springsteen and the E street band, ACDC and many rock festivals. Their collective diligence and expertise has allowed them to remain pre-eminient in their chosen sport and way of life.